A series of tactile graphic books, educational games and activities for blind and visually impaired childen


A series of 12 soft, cuddly fabrics books for blind toddlers or special-needs children. All books are very simple, interactive and fun. Braille may be added below the text if needed.

SOUNDS (code - 2861)

  • Fully interactive and fun
  • Contains 5 different sounds (bells, squeaker, scraper, Velcro and noisy plastic)

FEEL IT (code - 2862)

  • A book of five textures (rough, smooth, soft, hard, fluffy)
  • Smaller texture shapes for matching
  • Can also teach the concepts BIG and SMALL

SHAPES (code - 2863)

  • A book of 5 shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, diamond)
  • Smaller shapes for matching
  • Can also teach the concepts BIG and SMALL

FIND IT (code - 2864)

  • Five different pages of matching textures and buttons
  • Vocabulary may include names of textures, materials as well as shapes and sizes of buttons.

COUNT (code - 2865)

  • Teaches counting of beads on a string from one to five
  • Includes the number name on left page
  • The number under the beads on each page is raised

MY SENSES (code - 2866)

  • Fun interactive book dealing with the 5 senses
  • See the green leaf, touch the multi-textured butterfly, smell the flower, hear the bells and taste a banana like the tactile one on the page.

PATHS (code - 2877)

  • A good introduction to tracing with the fingerpads from left to right in preparation for Braille reading.
  • Help the fish to find his bowl, the butterfly to find his flower, the worm to find his apple, the bee to find his hive and the snail to find the leaf.
  • Start with one easy line and by the end of the book you have to find which of the three lines lead to the object.

GAMES (code - 2878)

  • Five fun activities for the young blind child.
  • Includes counting activities, comparing textures, shapes and flowers and finding the correct path for the worm to travel to find his apple.

OPPOSITES (code - 2879)

  • Simple comparisons like long/short, big/small, happy/sad, rough/smooth and in/out.
  • Full of bright contrasting colours and textures.

ABC BOOK (code - 2880)

  • a first abc book for young children includes the first 5 letters of the alphabet (a - ant, b - banana, c - cup, d - dress, e - egg).
  • printed letters in large bold print and Braille on left page with accompaning large embroidered letter and larger Braille done in beads.
  • large word and accompanying Braille on right side with the tactile picture below it.

DIFFERENT (code - 2881)

  • This simple book teaches the difficult concept of different to children from 4+ years.
  • Children have to identify the different object out of 4 objects on each page.
  • The following concepts can also be taught in this book: the same, odd-one-out, bigger, smaller, rough and softer.

POSITIONS (code - 2882)

  • This book helps the child to find positions in space.
  • The child can take little snake around the book to find the following positions: in/out; on top/under; in front/behind; left/right; next to/ away from.
  • The child can then internalise these concepts by finding his position in space in relation to a chair, a table and a box.

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